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Whitestone, NY11357

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¡¡ If your child thrives in a smaller environment with hands on attention, we have a place waiting for him or her.
¡¡ Whitestone Academy was founded by Helena Ottaviano and Francis G. Ottaviano M.D. in 1981. It is recognized by the New York State Education Department and the Board of Regents. Our class size and student population makes us unique in the New York City Area. We provide an education that is marked by individual attention, a close-knit, talented, and diverse community of students, parents and teachers, all collaborating in the education that provides each student with the opportunity to maximize his or her potential. Our goal is to foster a climate growth and instill a lifelong appreciation of education.
¡¡ Our smaller class sizes ¨C a maximum of ten students to one teacher, ensures your child¡¯s unique voice will be heard. Should your child need additional assistance mastering a subject, our teachers are available both before and after regular classes to fit the child¡¯s schedule.
¡¡ Your child deserves a school where he or she will achieve, find his or her voice and matter. Because we at Whitestone Academy holds the fact that each child matters to be true. That has been our cornerstone for more than 30 years.
We welcome you and your child to visit Whitestone Academy and become part of our school.
- Rolling Admissions
- Afternoon classes
- Summer classes
- Summer NYS Regents Program
Please contact us to give your child a new start in education today.

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