A December to Remember for the Chamber

post_pic_1Recently, I came across a Boston Globe article from almost a year ago that highlighted the challenges many low-income students at Ivy League colleges face, entitled, “What it’s like to be poor at an Ivy League School?”

After reading it a few times and exchanging ideas on social media with a few people, I realized the article was misleading readers to feel sorry for these students.

But guess what, Ivy Leaguers? This is not new. This lack of self-confidence has been part of the low-income, first-generation college experience for generations—especially for students of color.

Since Ivy League colleges began “zero family contribution” programs—programs that give full scholarships at Princeton, Yale and Harvard if students earn admission and if their family makes under $65,000 at some schools (or under $150,000 at other schools)—the first-generation struggle has gotten more attention.

Reading about the student who opted for a single dorm room her freshman year to avoid uncomfortable living quarters with someone from a privileged background, I thought, “She’s ostracizing herself in some comfortable accommodations.”

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