Afternoon/Summer Learning

Courses Offered





College Application Essay

Social Studies

World/Global History

European History

U.S. History

U.S. Government



Elementary Math (Grade 2-5)

Intermediate Math (Grade 6-8)

Integrated Algebra


Algebra II & Trigonometry

Pre-Calculus & Calculus

Math Theory


Biology (Living Environment)


Earth Science

Life Science

Physical Science



Summer courses taken without regard to previous course work

If a student has never taken a particular course before or did so poorly that he/she received no partial grade, the summer school course must provide 90 hours of instruction for the student to earn a full credit, or 45 hours to earn a half credit.

Summer courses taken to improve an existing grade

A summer “make-up” course to improve an existing grade may be offered for less than 90 hours/credit and carries only partial credit. It is appropriate to factor in the grades from both the summer and the regular school year in determining the final grade and whether to grant credit. A student who enrolled in a regular school year course but did very poor or no work, may be required to take the entire course over again, that is, such a student may be denied enrollment in a summer “make-up” course.

The home school principal’s approval is required before a student enrolls in a make-up course to improve a failing grade. Upon program completion, the district providing the summer school course must report the student’s grade to the school that issued the original unsatisfactory grade.

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